Like most of us, I have had too much screen time, alone, indoors, eating too much junk and, letting my hair grow.

Days are long without a true schedule, other than my one outdoors walk-a-day, social distancing with a mask when needed. Certainly, no hugs and kisses, which are a past memory.

Finally, though, I watched a webinar on tourism detailing “Where we are. Where we’re headed and how to get there,” which brought me hope for the exhibit industry.

It will be a bumpy road to get us back to where we were but, we will get there in time.
Thankfully, online meetings, webinars, and classrooms have allowed us to have some level of normalcy and human interaction.
Society is finally really appreciating our devoted health care workers, frontline retail clerks, and teachers.

We all have now become more sensitive to how we appear on camera too. We have learned that our image must be professional, as we judge our associate’s appearance on screen, as they judge ours. This, though, is an opportunity for us to enhance our image while reinforcing our branding with the use of portable backdrops.

The use of sneeze guards, additional signage, and traffic barriers have become common now in supermarkets, grocery stores, and pharmacies. We will now also see them at the outdoor markets, garden centers, marinas, and golf courses. Outdoor Information tents and guidance signs will be visible, too, allowing us more security from exposure to germs.

Travel will resume with the lifting of restrictions, locally first, to see family and friends by car. Local business will resume too with smaller trade shows, which we can easily drive to. Overnight stays will return once we feel secure with the new disinfection protocols of hotels and restaurants.

All these situations will need social distancing controls with sneeze guards, wall dividers and, hand sanitizers. Our exhibits will also require social distancing and sanitizing equipment added to our booth materials.

Thankfully, the beginning of the spring warmer weather will allow us to get outdoors more often, interacting with friends and family. Social distancing, of course.

The future is looking brighter.

Have a great season, and remember that the world has been set back before and came out stronger and better. Let us all work towards regaining a great quality of life, with less pollution and the saving of our greatest natural resource… the planet earth and its inhabitants

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