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Full Turnkey Solutions for Trade Show Booths

Full Turnkey Solutions for Trade Show Booths

Did you know that BERLINdisplays offers full turnkey solutions for trade show booths? Whether you have purchased the booth, or choose to lease a customized exhibit, we offer customer-oriented solutions that allow you to simply arrive at your show and, wow your audience! Since our customers attend trade shows across the globe, we are pleased to be able to offer all these services worldwide.

We can meet all your trade show needs. We not only offer expert design and manufacturing of the best trade show booths and display elements available anywhere in the world, but we also provide services to ship, assemble, disassemble, and store your trade show booths for you. Our commitment to your success doesn’t stop after the initial delivery!


Our shipping services include packing and protection, creating a proper bill of lading, choosing a reliable freight carrier, shipping all crates together, and applying your choice of insurance options to every shipment. We are aware that shipping costs are a concern to our customers, so our packing solutions and light weight displays are geared to protecting the booth from damage while using efficient shipping containers.

Packing and Assembly

Packing and assembly service includes unpacking the crates at the reserved booth area, assembling the booth and all display elements, preparing the packaging material and crating for storage, dismantling the booth and all display elements, carefully re-packing and protecting each of the pieces, removing the old bill of lading and applying the new one for either storage or your next destination.


We offer safe and secure storage solutions for our booths, so if there is downtime between trade shows, your booths and elements will be stored properly, ready to be shipped and assembled the next time you need them.

BERLINdisplays is committed to designing and manufacturing the best products available while providing exceptional customer service. We offer a full range of products for purchase and for lease. From design to assembly, to shipping and storage, let BERLINdisplays provide you with the best solutions for your exhibit program.

Tips on Gathering Qualified Trade Show Leads

Tips on Gathering Qualified Trade Show Leads

BERLINdisplays strongly urges our clients to keep records of which trade shows were successful and which need closer evaluation by your marketing team. In order to spend your marketing dollars wisely, identify highly successful shows to analyze, duplicate, and increase success in the following year.

Your trade show goals include collecting sales leads. It’s not just the sheer number of contacts you acquire, did you meet your goal of gathering QUALIFIED trade show leads? Those are the leads that are most likely to result in sales. Here are some questions your team can ask to differentiate the qualified leads from the unqualified:

  • Is the prospect’s organization flourishing, or is there a pain point? No company makes a significant purchase unless it’s providing a solution. Change is difficult, so we avoid it. Implementing something new doesn’t happen because it’s attractive, it happens because they believe that purchase will produce a positive result.
  • Does the problem the prospect describes match the problem your product solves? Even if your product resolves one issue, if your product isn’t designed to address the prospect’s primary problem, they’re going to spend money elsewhere first.
  • Timing is everything. Has there been a recent change in their company? New management, market fluctuations, a PR or legal issue, even a sudden success; all of these will prompt an organization to take action, including making a purchase to help them resolve a problem. Also, why hasn’t the issue been resolved before now? Knowing where the roadblocks have been placed can help your sales team anticipate obstacles during the sale.
  • Assess the level of urgency. What happens if the pain goes untreated? If the answer is that profitability or productivity is impacted, your prospect is serious about finding a solution. If they have tried other solutions that failed, you know they’re feeling urgency but they’ll need more from you than a standard sales pitch.
  • Consider the budget. Is there a budget allocated for the solution? If not, when do they expect the budget to be set? Are there additional stakeholders who must sign off on the purchase? These answers tell you whether the organization plans to make a purchase soon, and who needs to hear and see your sales pitch.
  • Assess the competition. What other solutions are they considering? Your trade show team needs to know if the interest from the prospect is genuine, or if your potential sale is being used as leverage to bargain with a preferred competitor. It is a common negotiating tactic, that while understandable, wastes your sales team’s time and energy.
  • What is the contact’s stake in the solution? If the solution to this issue is important to a stakeholder, you have an “insider” in the process. The more committed your contact is to finding the right solution, the harder they’ll fight to make the deal happen.

If your trade show goal is to generate and collect leads, then more qualified leads mean more sales, and more sales mean greater success. We can help you drive traffic to your booth, engage your potential customers, and make a memorable impact.

BERLINdisplays is committed to our clients’ trade show success by providing solutions. Contact us today to find out how our customized trade show displays and booths can help you meet your trade show marketing goals!

Is your trade show booth strategy working?

Is your trade show booth strategy working?

Are We There Yet?

Is your trade show booth strategy working? How do you know if your trade booth or display elements are working? You’re meeting your goals for new leads, awareness, or connections!

For many exhibitors, more time goes into the logistics of getting to the conventions than goes into designing a marketing strategy to make the most of your time at conventions. If you’re not hitting the numbers you want, whether it’s generating leads, increasing awareness of your brand or product, or making connections and forming relationships with clients or partners? Then it’s time to plan ahead for your most effective trade shows ever!

The very first thing to do for an effective trade show experience is to identify your marketing goals. Once you set those goals, the strategy becomes clearer. The next thing to do is assign a booth staffer to track your numbers, goals, make notes on shows…all so you have the facts and figures you need to improve on your success each year.

Here are some great tips for each of the three most common trade show goals: Leads, awareness, and connections.


Generating leads is a numbers game. You need to maximize booth traffic to generate the most leads possible at each event. Here are important tips for getting the most passive traffic, actively attracting traffic, and turning traffic into leads.

  • Passive traffic requires attention to detail and planning ahead. Choose booth locations where walkers will be: Near stages, at intersections, and never in a dead-end.
  • Active traffic are the attendees who seek out your booth. How do you drive active traffic? Your booth needs to get people talking, attract attention, and have attendees searching for it. Desirable promotional items, visual impact of graphics and booth elements both generate buzz that draw attendees right to you!
  • Turning traffic into leads is most effectively done by engaging and well-trained staffers, who can not only turn captivated passers-by into new leads, but they can then multiply that effect by creating more buzz and active traffic!


Increasing awareness of your brand, service, or product is about increasing active traffic and informing and engaging with the attendees. You may only get 5-10 seconds to make an impression or to entice that foot traffic into a quick and memorable conversation.

  • See above for active traffic
  • Turn your staffers into subject matter experts, at least on the surface level, to engage and inform the attendees who are attracted to your booth.
  • Use graphics and booth elements designed to customize your booth for each show. Swapping out smaller elements to attract specific audiences while keeping the larger elements the same not only maximizes your budget, but your traffic, too!
  • To increase awareness, you need to add layers of information and attention. An attractive promotional item can entice attendees to re-engage with your company by searching for information online. Ads on social media or trade publications promoting your booth at the event can create buzz beforehand. And arranging for your representatives or advocates to speak at the show will create more awareness before, during, and after the convention.


Making connections and deepening relationships with key clients or partners at a convention or expo requires a different focus. Set up your booth with seating, so that conversations and deeper connections are fostered, and the small group you are focused on actively attracting are enticed to stay awhile and enjoy their time with you while they take a deeper dive into your content/connection.

  • Focus promotions to targeted individuals. Spend more per target to make the promotional memorable and meaningful.
  • Use management or top-notch sales staff as booth staffers…these are connections who need to feel valued and special.
  • Make plans to spend time outside the event, where you don’t have to compete with other booths or vendors.
  • Use graphics and booth elements to honor key partnerships and clients, to celebrate your connection and your years together.

Are you excited and ready to begin strategizing your event calendar for 2018 and beyond? BERLINdisplays would love to partner with you to create traffic, buzz, and deeper connections with your target audience. We display you at your very best. Contact BERLINdisplays today to begin planning your marketing success.

Sales Strategy: Trade Show Booth Design Timeline

Sales Strategy: Trade Show Booth Design Timeline

Your trade show booth design is an important part of your sales strategy. A well-designed trade show booth offers stopping power, a critical chance to engage with potential customers, and the chance to be memorable to the customer long after the trade show ends. Don’t wait until the last minute, plan ahead for the booth design that will enhance and strengthen your trade show sales!

Trade Show Booth Design Timeline

Exhibit Preplanning (Up to a year in advance)

Spend some time preparing for the design process. Know your target market, including geographic sales market. Study the shows you are considering exhibiting in, make notes about what you see in the most successful booths. Line up your objectives, such as sales, budget, target profit, targeted product/line/service and frequency of shows, so that our design experts can create the best customized booth solutions for you and your team.

Design Phase (2 weeks)

Once you speak with our design team and send us the information and needs for your exhibit, our team will get to work, creating a custom booth for your company. With 37 years of experience across North America and Europe, BERLINdisplays has the expertise that will give your organization the edge.

Manufacturing and Shipping (4-6 weeks)

The quality products offered by BERLINdisplays take time to print, assemble, coordinate, and ship, so that you have the perfect, customized trade show booth design you need for an effective exhibit that supports your sales strategy.

BERLIN displays you at your best, offering graphics with stopping power, and clean, clear messaging give your exhibit an eye-catching advantage over the competition!

Trade Show Booth Designs Affect Bottom Lines!

Trade Show Booth Designs Affect Bottom Lines!

We cannot overstate the importance of a well-designed trade show booth. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention and interest of potential customers, so your first impression is vital! The right design can entice a customer to stop, engage with your representatives, and can help them remember your company and product line. BERLINdisplays can help you create a trade show booth that is both exciting and memorable!

Trade Show Booth Designs need:

Graphics with stopping power.

Instead of wandering by and tucking your marketing materials into a bag, never to be viewed again, you want your customers to stop and engage with your representatives.

  • What do you want to accomplish? Whether you want to increase sales, generate buzz over a new product, or simply educate consumers/vendors, we can design a booth to support your purpose.
  • Want to grab the attention of attendees? Exciting, relevant graphics ensure that event-goers stop, engage with your team, and remember your product or service long after the trade show is over.

Clean, clear messaging.

With only seconds to grab the eye, your booth must convey your message without confusion.

  • What is your primary message? Our design team creates a booth around your needs and messaging.
  • What images and text will you use for your brand or product identity? We can help enhance what your team is doing with exciting new messaging, or incorporate your own images and text to support your existing marketing campaign
  • Do you need some flexibility? Will you market more than one product/line at some shows, but not others? We can offer separation of messaging into portable elements, so you can mix and match depending on your needs.
  • Is your event booth design clear and concise? The most effective displays are clean and uncluttered. You want to catch the attention and whet the curiosity of the passerby, giving your team a chance to engage!

Experienced, expert booth design.

With 37 years of experience across two continents, BERLINdisplays offers expert design services to help you build your booth into a sales tool that can improve your trade show sales results and help boost your bottom line!

  • How many events will your booth elements be used for? We offer a variety of booth designs and elements that will meet your need for durability and portability.
  • Are you looking for elements you can pack and transport with your team, or will you have your booth professionally shipped? Our designs are created around your need and actual usage.
  • What location will you occupy? Corner, ends, islands and in-line booths offer different design possibilities, and we offer elements to catch attention from every angle.
  • What is your budget? BERLINdisplays offers booth designs and elements for every budget.

Displaying you at your best, BERLINdisplays creates customized trade show booth designs that will offer both stopping power AND memorable messaging!

  • Banners
  • Customize Designs
  • Panel Displays
  • Pop-up Displays
  • Pull-up Stands
  • Table Throws
  • Table-top Displays
  • Truss Displays
  • …and more!

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