Did you know that BERLINdisplays offers full turnkey solutions for trade show booths? Whether you have purchased the booth, or choose to lease a customized exhibit, we offer customer-oriented solutions that allow you to simply arrive at your show and, wow your audience! Since our customers attend trade shows across the globe, we are pleased to be able to offer all these services worldwide.

We can meet all your trade show needs. We not only offer expert design and manufacturing of the best trade show booths and display elements available anywhere in the world, but we also provide services to ship, assemble, disassemble, and store your trade show booths for you. Our commitment to your success doesn’t stop after the initial delivery!


Our shipping services include packing and protection, creating a proper bill of lading, choosing a reliable freight carrier, shipping all crates together, and applying your choice of insurance options to every shipment. We are aware that shipping costs are a concern to our customers, so our packing solutions and light weight displays are geared to protecting the booth from damage while using efficient shipping containers.

Packing and Assembly

Packing and assembly service includes unpacking the crates at the reserved booth area, assembling the booth and all display elements, preparing the packaging material and crating for storage, dismantling the booth and all display elements, carefully re-packing and protecting each of the pieces, removing the old bill of lading and applying the new one for either storage or your next destination.


We offer safe and secure storage solutions for our booths, so if there is downtime between trade shows, your booths and elements will be stored properly, ready to be shipped and assembled the next time you need them.

BERLINdisplays is committed to designing and manufacturing the best products available while providing exceptional customer service. We offer a full range of products for purchase and for lease. From design to assembly, to shipping and storage, let BERLINdisplays provide you with the best solutions for your exhibit program.

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