You spend money attending trade shows to present your company to your target market: the flights, hotels, and the trade show booth itself. One of the biggest fears for vendors is that everyone will walk past their booth. There are so many places for pedestrians to stop, how will you make your booth stand out in a sea of marketing, welcoming smiles, and extended hands?

BERLINdisplays is sharing our 8 BEST ideas for attracting people to your trade show booth:

  1. Build excitement!
    Connect with clients, prospects, and trade show attendees with emails, social media, and prizes long before the trade show! Run a contest or two for dinner out while at the trade show or unveil the company swag you’ll be sharing while there. Announce contest winners at the booth the first day and run a second contest to be announced the last day. Suggest visitors drop their name in the bucket once per day.
  2. Make ‘em laugh!Mini Table-top DisplayWhether you hire a comedian who can write & share industry-related jokes, give away swag that makes them giggle, or hang a humorous poster, any type of funny makes people look twice and immediately relax. If you opt for the poster,BERLINdisplays has some great ways to display your humor. If you go all out with the comedy routine, we have some great iPad kiosks or monitors big enough for the crowd that will congregate!
  3. Get a little crazy!
    What can you do that is unexpected? Does your product or logo lend itself to a theme? For example, if there is a bird in your logo, bring in a talking parrot. If you work in software, bring in a robot that can do something interesting. Do you have a product that solves a problem for them? Hire massage therapists to provide a 5-minute massage and discuss rubbing their problems out for them. Think outside the box!
  4. Phone charging stationGo for the FOMO!
    If your booth is busy, it automatically draws more people in who might suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). A great way to do this is to add free charging stations for visitors’ tablets and phones. Your guests will appreciate the convenience, and it gives you a chance to talk with them and determine their needs. Meanwhile, they’ll remember your company with gratitude
  5. Make them hungry for more!
    Water and snacks are an easy way to bring people into your booth! Hunger and thirst are basic needs that everyone has.
  6. Take a load off!
    Add a few chairs and maybe even an ottoman so visitors can rest their poor, abused trade show feet. This time spent in your booth gives you another opportunity to talk to the weary who need rest. Food & rest will soothe the savage beast in any trade show attendee, making them much more open to conversation.
  7. Let there be light!
    Call attention to your top-shelf products or services as people are walking past to bring them in for more information.  Backlighting your best media makes it stand out and sets your product & services apart from the ordinary.
  8. WOW them!
    Ask BERLINdisplays to create your trade show booth. We’ve been a leading designer and producer of portable and custom modular exhibits over 30 years, and we know what attracts trade show attendees into your booth! Customize your booth to make it stand out from your competitors and bring new clients in to learn more about your company. We’re based in Montreal, Quebec but create and ship booths all over the world. Find out how we can help set you apart at your next trade show!


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