Management has decided to attend a trade show at the last minute, and now you’re left wondering how you’re going to pull something together in time, let alone WOW prospective clients. If your team has kept good records, you have access to high-quality media files, and you’ve got the name of a quality Trade Show partner, like BERLINdisplays; it’s not impossible to pull a booth and your presence together quickly. The following guide will help you create winning tactics for attending that last-minute trade show.

  1. Determine your goals. Decide whether your focus at this trade show will be brand awareness, developing new business relationships, lead generation, or any combination of reasons.
  2. Take inventory of your trade show display material.  Verify all company’s logos or graphics are current. Confirm the appropriate language used at the location. Ensure the transport and install/dismal schedules are realistic. Consider using portable exhibitspamphlet racks if the schedule is limited. Verify the location and dates for the next show to be prepared.
  3. Order visuals. Do you need something new? If you’ve got high-quality graphics on file, BERLINdisplays can turn many visuals around for you within 48 hours.
  4. Trade Booth Rental. If you don’t already have an exhibit in storage, BERLINdisplays can rent and ship within 48 hours. Of course, this depends on the size and design.
  5. Tell the world you’re going to the trade show. If you don’t have time to reach out, ask someone who does. Refine and consolidate your messages to your lists, in social media, advertising, and any other opportunities that present themselves.
  6. Manage the Project. As you go through this process, coordinate your lists, delegated tasks, deadlines, and point people. Consider creating a group in your email or team-based software for the tasks at hand. Make sure everyone updates your list(s) frequently.
  7. Have all your marketing material ready.  Verify all support material required is current and, if appropriate, show location language. That is signage, business cards, brochures, price lists, pens, swag.

The lead up to a trade show deadline may feel like a race as the date looms ever closer. Good partnerships within your company and with your trade show design firm can alleviate much of the stress.

Post-show: Establish a strategy to follow up with your contacts. Employ all media “touchpoints” to thank all attendees. Coordinate this with your sales department.

Successfully implementing these tactics for attending that last-minute trade show will result in increased company sales.

Need some expert advice or assistance? BERLINdisplays can help you with everything from design, graphics, portable, and modular exhibits. Including transport and customs clearance. Call (514) 939-3600 or, email

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