BERLINdisplays offers a safe and convenient storage solution for our custom and modular trade show exhibits and booths.

Storing your BERLINdisplays exhibit with us is a practical, affordable option. Our storage is safe and secure, and you never have to worry about the storage unit size, quality, or security. No more scheduling an employee to be present for shipping out and returning crates, no more searching for storage that is secure and temperature/moisture controlled. When you store your exhibit with the experts who designed and built your valuable marketing tool, you can have confidence it will be ready to dazzle your audience when you are.   

Located in Montreal, our storage centre is safe, secure, and offers the added convenience of professional evaluation of crates and contents upon arrival back from your trade shows. Our central location means predictable, easy shipping all over the United States and Canada.  This makes your shipping costs easy to calculate, and your exhibit easy to ship.

When you combine this professional storage solution with our set up, tear down, and shipping services, this makes for the simplest possible transitions for your tradeshow team. We take care of everything but your presentation and giveaways!

Imagine being able to leave every facet of your tradeshow exhibit transitioning from one show to the next to the professionals you trusted to design and built it. Just schedule the shows and arrive to find it ready for your final touches. Then, when your job is accomplished, rest easy knowing your exhibit will be properly packed, shipped, and stored until you’re ready to use it again.

Are you ready to put your focus back on the marketing campaign instead of managing exhibit storage? We display you at your very best, and we store your exhibit so it arrives at its very best. Contact BERLINdisplays today to begin planning your marketing success.

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