Making your trade show booth accessible to people of all ability levels makes good business sense. To ensure that anyone can engage with your products and services, it’s important to plan how your booth will be set up.

After all, approximately 22% of Canadians identify as having a disability according to the Government of Canada. This means the likelihood of someone attending a trade show in a wheelchair, with a cane, or with a visual impairment is very high. And the probability increases with attendees coming from outside of Canada. In 2010, Canada joined the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This ensures persons with disabilities have the same rights as others, without discrimination.

Here are some considerations for setting up your trade show booth to be accessible.


Be sure that your flooring is flat and flush with the rest of the trade show floor. This will ensure individuals can access your booth safely. Trade show booths with carpet or raised sections can make it difficult and dangerous for someone who isn’t steady on their feet. If you need to have a raised section of flooring, include a ramp wide enough for a wheelchair.


Develop the literature you’re handing out at the trade show with the visually impaired in mind. Consider having a version of your brochure with large font or in braille. If these types of adjustments don’t fit within your budget, think of alternative ways to make your information accessible. For example, directing attendees to a website or giving a phone number to call after the show.


Will you have media, such as a video, playing in your booth? If so, keep in mind individuals who are hearing impaired. Add closed captioning to the video, or have a script printed out so they can still retain your message. Also, pay attention to the level of audio. If it’s too loud it may be too distracting for some.

To learn more about Canada’s accessibility laws, click here. And be sure to consult with the trade show in which you’re exhibiting about specific regulations they may have. If you’re ready to design an accessible trade show booth, BERLINdisplays can help.  Call us for details.

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