Will you be getting your money’s worth from your exhibit program?

Successful companies plan their exhibit program well in advance, and far beyond just the display graphics. 
Trade shows, for example, are key to promoting your company/product/service.
This entails coordination with any of your other timed advertising with your sales management team being part of the process.
Far too often, more time is spent on graphics for the exhibit, rather than creating a proper attendance strategy.
Tips for creating an effective program can be done at minimal cost:
1. Include information about the exhibit in every email.
2. Add a banner to your company website offering a gift, or create a contest for visiting your show exhibit.
3. Send promotional material to all media outlets, including local media where your show will take place.
Advise the media that your company will be launching a new product or feature.
4. Advertise on the trade show website and, in the show manual.
5. Offer and advertise a prize or contest draw at your exhibit to entice show attendees to visit your booth.
6. Produce a “door hanger” for the key show hotels with an offer of a prize or contest.
7. Use “giveaways” at your exhibit, or in advance, to entice prospects and clients to visit your booth.
“Giveaways” should reflect your show product introduction features or, tagline
8. Demonstrate a product or service at your exhibit.
Rather than continuous throughout the day, you could have a schedule advertised at the booth, to create mystique.
9. Have your CEO and/or a member of your management team be present at specific booth times to meet clients and prospects.
Contact BERLINdisplays today! 
We’ll be happy to discuss how you can get more Return On Investment (ROI) for your exhibit program.
BERLINdisplays works hard to help you “display” your organization or products to the very best advantage.
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