Determining the best ways to spend marketing dollars can be overwhelming. Trade Shows are a great opportunity to reach a large audience and make significant sales. But if the Trade Show is not the right fit for your business, it can add a lot of extra expense rather than increasing your ROI.

Consider the following to ensure you choose a profitable Trade Show that will provide you with the largest return on investment:

  • Choose a Trade Show that puts your name on the map. If your business has a lot of competitors, be sure to choose a show that will allow you to set yourself apart. Get creative with how you position yourself with what you give-a-way and the display set-up you choose. This will help prospects remember your name.

If you’re a startup or small business, focus on building your sales before choosing a national or international Trade Show. Look for a low-cost local show or industry show for networking opportunities. Weigh the expense of the Trade Show versus expected revenue.

  • Choose a Trade Show in which you can build relationships with new customers. Consider the industry and where you might develop new unique leads. Research the reputation of the show and determine how much one-on-one time you’ll get with potential customers.

You may find the Trade Show that is most profitable for your company is not an obvious choice. For example, if you sell dog beds you are most likely planning to attend a pet expo. But instead, you might consider an RV Show! The likelihood of someone selling dog beds at an RV Show is slim, but the majority of RVers travel with dogs. Attending an RV Show would allow you to showcase your product while building relationships with new customers.

  • Choose a Trade Show with buying power. Attend a show that has a reputation of sales. Networking and showcasing your product is important, but make sure there is high ROI potential as well.
  • Choose a Trade Show that is logistically feasible. To increase profitably, you want to attend a show that is within your set limits. Determine what equipment you need to move to the show, what type of displays you’re setting up, how many people you need, how many brochures or business cards to print, what type of transportation and lodging is required for your team. Mapping together the logistics for a Trade Show prior to choosing one will help you decide if it’s the right fit.

We know that planning for a Trade Show can be overwhelming at times, but this checklist will help you set your business up for success. Choose the right Trade Show for you and walk away with a profit and loyal customers.

If you need assistance with logistics for your Trade Shows, we can make it easier for you. And if you’re a small business that is testing the waters with Trade Shows, consider renting your exhibit before investing in your own display.

We display you at your best. Contact BERLINdisplays for more information, or to begin the planning and design for your most effective booth ever!

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