As I write this, the number of coronavirus cases in the USA has exploded, and the number of Canadians afflicted are on the upswing as well. Of all the priorities in our life, health is the most important.

Fear of losing our health has many businesses pulling up welcome mats and bringing in signs. In the trade show industry, plants are closed, and all events are on hold until further notice. There is no denying that it’s a scary time, and we are all trying to make the best of it. BERLINdisplays wanted to remind you of a few things, and perhaps even bring you a little hope for the future.

In business, there are cycles, expansion, peak, contraction, and so on. The same is true in life. This is a world cycle. Our forefathers had wars, Depression, the Holocaust, plagues, and the sun, and fun returned again.

We will survive.  And we will be stronger and better because of it.

Soon enough, we will be back on the trade show floor, promoting our products and services once again. Being productive can help us through challenging times, or even if you need a distraction, we are here to discuss, plan, and design future projects virtually.  Or, if you just need to speak to another human being living in this global reset too.  Although we are not exactly sure when the new normal will present itself, we can be ready when it happens.

In the meantime, stay safe by washing your hands well, following social distancing recommendations, and wearing a mask when necessary. If you need a dose of positivity, view this “tribute to our healthcare workers.”

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